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SCM Laboratory

Wiki & Arduino (Students)

Most of the information you need is on the SCM QMplus site. We will use this Wiki site mainly for the Arduino-based experiments.

Arduino Experiments

There are a lot o links related to the Arduino and Raspberry Pi over here. However we will need only some of these for the SCM Laboratory. These are listed below:

Please start at the page relevant to your experiment! There is a lot of information on this Wiki and you are not required to read all of it. Your experiment page will guide you through these pages. So start from there.

Robot Maze Champs

We had some fun on the last day of the experiment. David Holford built a devilish maze for our robots and really put them through their paces. Quite a few students participated, but the champs were Rowan and Apoorva. See the movies on my Google+ page here.

I must add that Rowan's robot was able to adapt to a very different maze and so must take the crown, with Apoorva's coming in second. Rowan has kindly made his (well commented) code available to us. ajm:teaching:arduino-pi:projects:arduino:boe-bot:rowan-code|You can find it here.]]

Administration (Organisers)

This information is on a separate page.

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